How to choose a front door security camera

  1. Advantages of entry door security camerahow to choose a front door security camera
  2. Security camera choosing guide: types of monitoring systems
  3. Select front door security camera
    1. Multifunctional video door phone
    2. Wireless video monitoring
  4. Security camera buying guide


Modern surveillance devices greatly simplify the life of homeowners. A reliable front door security camera helps to monitor what is happening in front of the door and increases the home safety.

Advantages of entry door security camera

Thanks to video surveillance, the proprietor will be able to:

  1. be safe;
  2. see the guest without coming to the door;
  3. remain unnoticed;
  4. see the adjacent territory;
  5. record what is going on.

how to choose a front door security camera 

Security camera choosing guide: types of monitoring systems

Many models of various systems installed on the entrance doors are presented on the market. They differ in their functionality, design, parameters and cost. The most common types are:

  • video door phone (or intercom);
  • peephole camcorders;
  • wireless video monitoring;
  • special systems.


Select front door security camera


how to choose a front door security camera

Video intercom allows providing observation forward of the house or apartment. Using a camcorder, the owner will be able to monitor the adjacent space. Additional appliances give an overview of the area forward of the apartment, including staircases.

The acquisition of such products provides various advantages. It allows you to:

  • choose the place for installation;
  • connect several CCTV;
  • install several panels in different parts of the house;
  • use the remote opening function.

Make sure to specify the parameters of the device when choosing front door security camera of this type. It is desirable to have a memory card with a large capacity.



This device is a miniature video appliance installed in the door as a peephole. It is able to show the adjacent territory, but the area is limited to a viewing angle of about 120-160 degrees. This type of entrance door security camera has gained wide popularity among consumers due to its ease of installation and affordable price.

how to choose a front door security camera

Principle of operation. A color video device in an anti-vandal case is mounted on the outside of the entry door, and the signal is displayed on the monitor. Depending on the design, it can be mounted on the wall or on the inside of the door leaf.

The external panel contains a call button and additional elements. Microphones and speakers on the monitor and on the external unit help the house owner to talk with the visitor. Infrared illumination in front door security cameras with night vision provides an excellent work in the absence of lighting. The motion activated sensor catches sight of the visitor and starts recording.

What is the effectiveness of this device? An attacker will still be able to detect and recognize this gadget even if it looks like an ordinary peephole. In this case, consider the option of a hidden front door camera. To install it, you can select a nearby wall or jamb.


  • Wireless front door peephole security camera sends a signal to the monitor or to the phone of the owner. So it is easy to find out who is outside without going to the door. This device works with the help of autonomous power.
  • Peephole security camera with video recording allows starting recording if unauthorized entry into the house is carried out. Note that the installation does not require the assistance of specialists.
  • Peephole security camera with video recording & motion detection is similar in function to the above-mentioned option. However, recording starts immediately after the motion sensor captures motion. Then the digital image is transferred to the screen of the device or smartphone of the house proprietor.



This system is an excellent solution for any space. It's easy to install and set up on your own. In addition, you can find ready-made kits on sale.

Find out the benefits of wireless monitoring when selecting security camera for exterior door. Such a system usually consists of a camcorder with transmitting devices, a receiving unit, a monitor and power supplies. Their installation does not require assembling work.

how to choose a front door security camera

Thanks to modern technologies, it is possible to organize a wireless monitoring system with the possibility of remote access.

GSM video surveillance

These wireless systems can be connected to cameras installed in the apartment by means of a cellphone. They do not have a recorder, but the camcorder contains a memory card to record information. These devices are equipped with a motion detector to avoid recording an empty space. As soon as the sensor detects motion, the appliance goes into operating mode and starts recording.

Having built-in GSM-module, the device sends an SMS to the smartphone of the apartment owner. Proprietor can see what is happening in real time.

Wireless IP systems

Special software using a personal computer allows you to achieve wireless IP-video surveillance using Wi-Fi. Network cameras with a permanent IP address are connected to the camcorder via the Internet or directly through the access point.

A motion sensor, transfocator, microphone and infrared illumination complement digital camcorders. The transfocator can zoom in on distant subjects for details.


Security camera buying guide

Prices for different types of devices vary. First, decide for what purposes video surveillance is required. If you need constant monitoring, choose wireless surveillance. If you need to see who is behind the door - think about peephole device.

Following our security camera buying instructions, you can choose the option you need.

  • First, you must determine the tasks that it must perform. Need a gadget that will record on the memory card? Or is it enough image in real time? Do you need a large memory card for long records?how to choose a front door security camera
  • Most appliances are suitable for use outdoors. However, it is worth considering where it will be installed. For example, it is desirable that the entry door appliance has a protective casing equipped with cooling and ventilation devices for more efficient operation.
  • Sensitivity is one of the important characteristics of the appliance. The quality of the resulting image depends on it.
  • Do not forget about the angle of view. The bigger it is, the more chances to see the situation before the door. Consider the area that the camcorder should cover.
  • Choose devices with infrared illumination, which helps to see what is happening in the territory, even in the absence of lighting.

As you can see, a large selection of front door security cameras allows you to select a reliable system with great features at an affordable price.