How to choose a front door color

  1. How to choose front door color? General rules
  2. Tips for choosing the front door color
  3. Choosing entry door color

The first impression of the house and its inhabitants is created by the door. However, choosing exterior door color is a difficult question. After all, it has an influence not only on functionality, but also on the personality of the space. If you want to make the right choice, consider some essential nuances.

How to choose front door color? general rules

Most often designers and color experts recommend choosing neutral shades for the front door. This is done to ensure that it can successfully combine with other elements of the facade and interior. But this decision isn't always correct. Many various factors have important meaning when answering the question "how to choose an exterior door color". Therefore, we must consider the general style of the space, its design and elements of the facade and decor.

Tips for choosing the front door color

To achieve a harmonious combination of door color with the rest of the space, follow the next criteria:

  • the prevailing hues of the facade;
  • the coloring of the adjacent territory;
  • design of the hallway or foyer;
  • peculiarities of adjoining rooms;
  • illumination of the entrance area;
  • ease of care during its operation.

Observance of these principles will help to make the facade and interior not only beautiful, but also harmonious.

Choosing entry door color

Consider the overall style of the space

Orientation to the style of the apartment or house allows you to achieve a balanced and unique design of the facade and interior. Appraise the stylistic orientation of the inner space and premises, its illumination and other parameters. Take into consideration the following recommendations for choosing a front entry door color:

Neutral colors are truly a universal solution for any facade and interior.

For the traditional style of the room it is better to choose models of warm shades. They create warmth and a sense of coziness in the room. The wooden door of a warm shade will look great if there are a lot of natural materials in the room.

If the style of your settings is characterized by modern design, then select cool colors. Cool shades of wood, as well as various bright hues look winning and appealing. Doors made of artificial materials with metallic shades are acceptable as well.

Examine the shades of walls and facade

How to choose a front door color in compliance with the shade of walls and facade? To get a harmonious combination, you should select the door color, based on the shade of the walls. Also, don't forget to pay attention to the baseboard and casing. Only then you can achieve harmony in the room.

An excellent option is to purchase an item of the same style as wallpaper or other coating. Then the leaf will blend with the facade or walls, and the space will look united.

Achieve harmony with flooring

An important parameter for choosing a front door color is the reference point to the floor covering. To achieve the stunning effect you need to pay attention to the window frames as well. Tips for choosing the perfect front entry door color in this case are as follows:

  1. If the floors in the room are dark: select models in dark hues. Otherwise, you will get a large contrast that doesn't fit into the floor and other decoration.
  2. Presence of complex and unusual shade of a floor covering. There are situations when the color of the door is difficult to match the shade of the floor. Use a universal solution – appraise the hues of baseboards and/or window frames. A small nuance: both colors must match.
  3. If there is a wooden floor in the room: select the door of the same tone. For a more interesting result you can select unusual texture.

How to choose exterior door color according to the furnishings?

The next factor in the selection is the color palette of furniture items. However, this parameter works if the furnishings in the room are designed in one style. The main advice in this case: the hues can be the same or contrasting.

If the furniture items are mostly dark, then the door should be chosen in the same tone, or slightly lighter. If a light color scheme is dominated in the furnishings, then select the model of the same light shade or neutral.

The most optimal option is to choose an entrance door paint colour that is different on each side. Then the leaf would perfectly fit the room and the facade of the house or apartment. The only disadvantage of this option is the high price. After all, such a design will require a great cash outlay, since it should be made to order.

Surface finishing options

When choosing entrance door color, it is worth remembering about the structure of the leaf itself. Owing to the latest production technologies, the surface can be decorated with various materials. Therefore, the color and texture of the outer and inner sides can be different. Most often for surface finishing manufacturers use:

  • wood or MDF panels;
  • laminate or plastic;
  • wrought iron elements;
  • mirrors and glass inserts;
  • polymer coatings and paints.

Now the entrance doors are an excellent embodiment of various design ideas. For example, glass or mirror inserts will be a perfect option for a product with a modern style. A wood veneer or wrought iron grilles will refine the models in classical style. Surfaces with polymer coatings have recently become an integral part of any facade and interior.

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