How to choose a double front door

  1. Materials of double front doorsHow to choose a double front door

1.1   Wooden double doors

1.2   Double front doors with glass or mirror

1.3   Double exterior doors with forged details

2. Installation of double front entry doors



Double front doors for sale surely have definite advantages:

  • they take up less space when opening;
  • the facade looks more presentable and noble;
  • the easier opening of the door leaves due to the even load distribution on the hinges.

Moreover, like their single-leaf analogs, they provide the appropriate level of house protection. But how to choose a double front door? Pay attention to the same technical characteristics and nuances when choosing the usual entry doors.

Design features of such products are definitely worthy of notice. Let's examine the shape, measurements, installation and the direction of the opening in detail.

Configuration. Double external doors usually come in a standard rectangular and arched form. It is a matter of taste, as constructively, they almost have no differences from each other.


How to choose a double front door

How to choose a double front door

Door swing direction. Such products have a left or right swing direction depending on customer's preference or running abilities. By the way, the reinforced hinges on the models at The Doors Depot withstand more than 300,000 opening cycles. This is equal to 20 years of door operation for a family of four people.

Dimensions. The double entry doors come with variously sized door leaves. Equal leaves are of the same width. The door leaves of different width vary: generally, only the large leaf is operable. The small one remains closed but may be opened if a person needs.


Materials of double front doors

When choosing a material of two-leaf front door, remember that it should be in harmony with the rest of the doors in your home. Try to combine the overall design with flooring, baseboards, walls and even furnishings.


Wooden double doors

Products made of solid wood are one of the most beautiful and reliable. High-quality doors are environmentally friendly and safe to use. They do not emit harmful substances, and the wood is carefully treated to avoid the appearance of parasites.

How to choose a double front door

To choose a quality double door made of wood, make sure that the door leaf has no defects or crevices. Such products have an even color, and the surface should be smooth. Thus, it is sanded carefully after applying each layer of varnish. In addition, the doors are covered with a special substance to protect the leaf against moisture and UV rays.


Double front doors with glass or mirror

Choose a glazed front door or interior double doors for a stylish design. Apart from the fact that they are visually pleasing, such models have space-saving features. They take up less space when opening and closing. The glass and mirror provide great functionality as well. They make the interior visually larger and lighter. This point is particularly relevant for narrow and dark hallways.

How to choose a double front door


Double exterior doors with forged details

Grills and forged ornaments on such products add luxurious and presentable appeal. The design impresses almost any interior in classic and traditional style. A double door with grille at the entry (especially in combination with a beautifully wrought fence) becomes a splendid piece of art!

How to choose a double front door


Installation of double front entry doors

Generally, the mounting of double entrance doors (from both steel and wood) is not much different from the installation of single-leaf models. The main difficulty is the non-standard construction and wider doorway. I recommend contacting the specialists to be sure that the door is installed properly and securely.

The sealing and insulation properties of the door installed also deserve special attention. When it comes to the products that have direct contact with the street it is an essential issue.