How to buy a custom front door

  1. Basic requirements of entry doors

  2. How to buy a custom entry door: the proper selection


Custom-made exterior doors are a sought-after product. They have various advantages, even though their prices are a bit higher than for the usual models. Let's find out how to buy a custom front door fast and profitably?

How to buy a custom front door

Any house starts with an entry door. It defends against intruders and malefactors. It protects the space from the outdoor noise, drafts, cold, and smells. Nowadays, dozens of different variants are available on the door market. However, there are situations when models presented are not an option - the thickness of the walls, substandard measurements of the doorway, the need for extra heat insulation, etc. Therefore, the only way is to buy custom front doors.


How to buy a custom front door

Basic requirements of custom front doors

When choosing an entry door for your home or apartment, you have to determine what factors and parameters you need to base on. In that case, you will be sure you've chosen a reliable and high-grade product.

What are the basic parameters for doors? Both common and special order doors should provide:

  • safety and protective functions;
  • reliability of the construction;
  • thermal insulation;
  • sound-proofing;
  • high-grade accessories and fittings.

Special order doors contain all the operational factors mentioned above. Moreover, you can upgrade the security of your home by installing a product with added protection. The models at The Doors Depot fully satisfy the requirements for safety and increased protection of your family and property.


How to buy a custom entry door: the proper selection

To comprehend how to buy a quality special order door, you need to know about the choice criteria.

The reliability and strength of the door are determined by the quality and construction of the box and the leaf. Manufacturers ensure that the door will become a secure barrier to the offenders. Thus, they use quality steel plates with no welds to further increase the door construction. Ordinary models contain steel plates with a thickness of 0.5 inches. If you add one more plate to the structure, such a "sandwich" definitely becomes more reliable. Reinforced stiffeners, protective anti-weather coatings, quality accessories serve for greater safety.

How to buy a custom front door

According to the research results, the door hinges and locks are recognized as the weakest parts of the exterior door. The hinges bear the entire weight of the massive door construction. Therefore, they should be strong and resistant to illegal break-ins. Criminals perpetrate most of the burglaries by opening the locks. In this regard, pay special attention to the careful choice of the locking systems and its elements!

                                                       How to buy a custom front door     How to buy a custom front door

Order a model with a complex profile to enjoy warmth and silence in your house. The steel plates are often covered with solid wood panels to increase the strength and thermal insulation. The use of solid wood, MDF or veneer to trim the door is an extra way to deafen the entire construction.