Entry door problems: how to troubleshoot & fix

  1. Drafty doors
  2. Squeaky door hinges
  3. Door leaf sagging
  4. Rust on metal doors
  5. How to quickly solve all front door problems?

The door should be a reliable mechanism. However, there are situations when it cannot serve properly. The general defects that cause troubles in the operation of the door are as follows.

Entry door problems how to troubleshoot & fix  

Drafty doors

Entry door problems how to troubleshoot & fixThe draft problems may affect the owners of both old and new doors. There are several solutions for this problem:

  • replace sealants;
  • insulate the doorframe or leaf.

 Use quality weatherstripping and door gaskets when replacing sealants. Carefully consider the method of their attachment. There are self-adhesive items, but some types require gluing.

Decide to insulate the doorframe? Then use mounting foam to seal the spaces allowing in currents of cool air. You may additionally install quality casing.

Insulating of the door leaf is a more complicated way. You have to dismantle the door. Remove the old insulating material. Then place new insulator between the stiffeners.


Squeaky door hinges

Entry door problems how to troubleshoot & fix

Long-term operation and the consequence of temperature changes cause the squeak of old entrance doors. Inspect the doorway if a new product starts to creak. Seek the places with abrasion and scuffs. Have found such traces? Then the door requires an instant adjustment. There are several ways to fix the problem:

  1. Inspect the hinges. Tighten them carefully if necessary. Shake the door leaf to make sure that no hinges have slipped out of position. Then open and close the front door several times.
  2. The screws (and/or hinges) are fixed badly. Then tighten the screws and fix the bolts.
  3. Rust on hinges. It occurs because of the intense exposure to moisture. Grease them with special lubricants (at the worst you may use olive oil or graphite powder of an ordinary pencil).


Door leaf sagging


Entry door problems how to troubleshoot & fixAlmost any door may warp and sag over time. The door sagging is caused by the settling/sinking of the building or door slab heaviness. Doorframes and leafs shrink and expand naturally. The hinges wear out quickly in case of a heavy door slab. Replace the hinges to stronger ones to correct this defect. Eliminate the offset of the box if there is a settling or sinking of the building. It is worth to place something under the doorway bottom.

Signs indicating a door sagging:

Have found one of these signs? Then the metal door requires inspection and should be repaired.

Prompt! You may detect sagging or warp with the help of a level gauge.


Rust on metal doors

Entry door problems how to troubleshoot & fix

Rust may appear even on high-quality models. The signs of rust and corrosion usually become noticeable at the bottom of the doorway.

What to do to remove rust?

  1. Disassemble the accessories and fittings; remove the door from the doorway.
  2. Remove the layers of old paint; use sandpaper to sand the surface, then degrease it and let dry.
  3. Putty all the damaged parts; let them to completely dry.
  4. Repeat the smoothing and apply primer again.
  5. After all layers are completely dry, use high-quality paint (for best results paint the surface twice).
  6. Remount the door and the hardware.

Now your door is free from the rust and corrosion.


How to quickly solve all front door problems?

Properly installed high-grade entry door is guaranteed to serve you without a hitch. Feel free to contact The Doors Depot to choose the product that will please you for years to come.

Entry door problems how to troubleshoot & fix