Choosing front door hardware: door knockers

  1. Selecting knockers for front door: a bit of history
  2. How to choose knockers

Door knockers complete the appearance of the door, emphasizing the taste of the owner of the house or apartment. This type of hardware is not an obligatory element of the leaf and is used mainly as a decoration. Their use emphasizes the high status of the possessor, and allows achieving a spectacular impression of both the door and the facade. Let's talk about purposes and knockers buying instructions.


Selecting knockers for front door: a bit of history

The knockers have a long history. They took their origin even in the days of the Egyptian pharaohs. Medieval castles and monasteries with their massive doors are impossible to imagine without massive yet sophisticated knocker-handles. Initially, they had the ordinary round shape, since the circle is the embodiment of the life cycle and protection of the house and its household.

However, various elements of decor began to appear over time. So it was possible to find simple rings and mini-sculptures that were attached to the entrance doors. Most of the knockers on the architectural monuments (such as the doors of the castles and houses of aristocracy) are considered a work of art. The variety of shapes and options was limited only by the imagination of the master and the customer - there were door knockers in the shape of a lion's or a dragon's head, a human hand or animal paw.

The knock of the iron ring on the wooden door leaf was an alternative to the modern doorbell. And its main advantage was the absence of breakdowns, as well as uninterrupted and long-term operation. Currently, the door knocker is no longer used for its intended purpose. Today it is a beautiful decor element. Now a doorbell performs a function of knocking and notification of the guest arrival.


How to choose knockers

Modern door hardware can offer various options for enhancing security and creating a presentable appearance of wooden and metal entrance doors. The main tasks of the doorknockers now are:

  • creation of an individual and exclusive door appearance;
  • adding a zest and a presentable elegant look;
  • giving the door leaf more functionality;
  • ease of use improvement.

In the modern market, the consumer can choose an interesting option from a large assortment of accessories from leading manufacturers. But how to select knockers?

  • Choose such products based on your taste and the appearance of the door. You can find different color solutions - bronze, silver, gold, and other aged shades.
  • Its color is selected to be in harmony with the overall style of the door and the facade of the house.
  • To give the surface the finished look, use modern or traditional knockers depending on the design.

It is worth noting that this decorative piece is not included in the standard packaging of entry doors. The client purchases this element separately, depending on his/her own desires and financial possibilities.

You may ask - how to buy knockers that will be an exclusive element of your front door decor and will last for many years? The answer is obvious: purchase this product from trusted and reliable manufacturers specializing in the creation and manufacture of door hardware.