Apartment entrance door: tips for choosing

  1. What should a person consider when choosing an entry door?
  2. Reliability of locks and hinges
  3. Materials of manufacture and internal filling
  4. Design and other essential characteristics

What should a person consider when choosing an entry door?

The choice of an apartment entry door is different from selection of a product to a private house. It depends on various nuances, such as the area of residence, the location of the door, technical parameters, the presence/absence of anti-vandal coating, etc.

Apartment entrance door tips for choosing

Always pay attention to the following parameters when buying an entrance door:

  • safety and reliability;
  • measurements;
  • heat and sound insulation;
  • design and appearance.

Safety of the home is the main parameter of the door installation. The main functions are:

Therefore, the information about number and reliability of locks, the door hinges strength, the quality of materials used deserve careful study.


Reliability of locks and hinges

The locking mechanism and hinges are of great importance regardless of what type of entrance door to the apartment you choose.

Apartment entrance door tips for choosing

Among the varieties of the locks lever and cylinder operated locks are usually used. The installation of locks of different types adds reliability and guarantees a greater level of safety when used. This complicates the door break-in, so do not worry about your property.

Apartment entrance door tips for choosing

Doors that provide safety are equipped with several locks. Typically, one of them is basic for daily needs, and the rest are used if you decide to go on a long trip.

The hinges of two types are mainly used on the entrance doors to the apartment: they are butt (or mortise) and ball bearing. Sometimes concealed hinges are used; they are protected from cutting.

Butt (also known as mortise) hinges are the most common option, they are considered the most reliable and convenient to use. Ball bearing hinges are usually used on heavy and massive doors.


TIP! Hinges must withstand the weight of the door leaf. Quality products do not deform during operation - they don't creak or stick. Choose model with 3–4 hinges to evenly distribute the weight of the leaf and prevent the door from sagging.


Materials of manufacture and internal filling

When choosing the entrance door, consider:

  • the materials from which the door is made;
  • and which filler is used for sound and thermal insulation.

Wood and metal are most often used for the manufacture of doors to the urban apartment. If your apartment is located in a quiet and (relatively) safe area, a strong wood door is quite enough. Those who live next door to violent neighbors should choose a quality reinforced steel door.

Apartment entrance door tips for choosing Apartment entrance door tips for choosing


Any reliable product should have an internal filling of high quality. The internal construction of the door consists of sections limited by steel stiffeners with the insulating materials between.Apartment entrance door tips for choosing

Cheap versions have a honeycomb shaped cardboard as insulation. This is not a good option - such a product is light weighted; it can't provide the required level of soundproofing. 

Apartment entrance door tips for choosing

Experts recommend choosing mineral board, polystyrene or polyurethane to get rid of noise from the entrance. These insulating materials do not allow letting in extraneous sounds, and at the same time keep the heat inside the house. Do you want to achieve greater sound insulation of the door leaf? Make sure that the perimeter is fitted with a gasket.


Design and other essential characteristics

In addition to the nuances mentioned above, the apartment entrance door should be selected based on its design. It sets the general tone in the interior, and helps to the apartment owners to be in a good mood as they use this product every day.

Take notice of the overall appearance and decorative properties of the door. You should carefully choose the color palette and texture of the leaf if you want it to be in harmony with the interior. The surface can be covered with MDF panels, eco-veneer, veneer that imitates wood, or simply painted with dyes and varnish.

Apartment entrance door tips for choosing

Want to create more comfort in your apartment? Then pay attention to the right door size. The proper dimensions affect the quality of installation. Measure the necessary dimensions of the opening and door leaf, or use the services of special companies to avoid difficulties in installation.

The last parameter is the price. Do not purchase the cheapest door! Otherwise, you risk getting a poor-quality product that will quickly fail. However, evaluate your opportunities reasonably and buy a door, based on your financial capabilities.