Advantages of special-order entry doors

  1. Benefits of custom exterior doorsAdvantages of special-order entry doors

  2. 3 features to pay attention when ordering a custom front door


Why more and more people are willing to pay more for purchasing custom entrance doors?


Benefits of custom exterior doors

Choosing doors for individual orders, you significantly improve its quality and design. This allows making the door more attractive, reliable, and resistant to break-in and mechanical damage.

  • Increased burglar resistance. Special-order doors can be constructed with increased burglary resistance - the doorframe is reinforced with additional steel sheets and vertical crossbars. This significantly reduces the chances of a break-in, while giving confidence in the security of the house or apartment.

  • The various choice of design is a bonus when ordering doors. As a rule, the standard models are simple. The custom doors differ in individual (and even exclusive) design that is made at the client's request. You can order a door decorated with mirror and fiberglass inserts, wood carvings, artistic milling, wrought-iron grills.                Advantages of special-order entry doors        Advantages of special-order entry doors

  • Construction features allow the customer to choose any type of door. Order non-standard design if ordinary rectangular single-leaf models are not for you. At the customer's option, the manufacturers produce single- and double-leaf models, arched or rotating doors, with mirror, glass, fiberglass, and more.
Advantages of special-order entry doors



3 features to pay attention when ordering a custom front door

  • The cost. Special order doors cost more than standard products. The price usually depends on the requirements and wishes of the consumer. Custom doors production adds 5–10% of the standard model cost to the final price. However, remember that this concerns mainly the thickness or size of the door leaf.

  • Production time. On average, built-to-order front doors are manufactured in five business days. If you want to order an exclusive model with a complicated design and finishing, you will have to wait one or two weeks. Do not forget that shipping time is not included in production time.

  • Professional installation. An expensive but incorrectly installed door is not able to protect a house from intruders. Therefore, quality professional installation is a guarantee of reliability and longevity of the product. Custom doors require special mounting because of their construction features. Therefore, I highly recommend entrusting their installation to specialists.

Advantages of special-order entry doors 


Buying a front door always requires a well-considered decision. The safety of people and property depend on the security and reliability of the entrance doors. Contact The Doors Depot if you decide to purchase a custom entry door. Our specialists help you to find the ideal special order door.