Advantages of glazed entry doors

Modern technologies allow using different materials in the doors manufacturing. The glazed front doors become an excellent element for decorating interior and exterior of the house. Not everyone can imagine glass as the main material in the door design. But what if you acquaint yourself with this idea closely?

Advantages of glazed entry doors

The doors made of glass are gaining increasing popularity among owners of private houses. Despite the distrust of some consumers regarding their reliability and safety, they are not inferior to variants of steel or wood. Experts are sure that they even outperform the customary products in some respects.


Types of glazed front doors

Installation of such models is a truly interesting design decision. They have more advantageous look if they go out not to the street, but to the backyard. Now there are two most popular types of doors with glazing:

  • sliding;
  • hinged models.

Sliding glazed doors create a spectacular facade for any private house. Most often, glass is used in sliding systems because this option offers unlimited possibilities for a unique design. The surface is covered with film or sand-jet stained glass; it is painted with special paints or decorated with an interesting pattern.

Advantages of glazed entry doors

Hinged glazed front doors are offered as single or double-leaf models. This is a more customary option for most homes. Such products are fully functional and durable enough. Like the sliding doors, they are decorated in various ways based on the wishes of the client.

Advantages of glazed entry doors

However, if you are alarmed with an installation of a model with complete glazing, choose a more familiar option - the entrance doors with glass inserts. This design presents the glass or mirror inserts in a wooden or steel frame.

Advantages of glazed entry doors

You can use the advantages of glass in the most effective way if you install a glazed door on the veranda or when entering the yard. Such a model unites the interior and the street into a single visual space, and opens a beautiful view of the lawn as well. However, this option is more suitable for regions with warm climatic conditions.


Advantages and construction

Many buyers refuse the idea of buying entry doors with glazing. They are afraid of this fragile material. After all, using ordinary glass for entrance doors manufacturing is rather risky. Therefore, manufacturers use special tempered glass. The tempering technology is relatively new. During this process the ordinary glass is exposed to high temperatures and chemical processing. It increases the strength and provides resistance to temperature changes in comparison with conventional material. It is almost impossible to break, therefore your family and property will be reliably protected.

Due to this technology, the glazed front doors are safe enough. Even if you manage to break the glass, it will crumble into pieces that cannot injure a person. Manufacturers use a protective film that is glued to the surface of the glass. In case of damage, the fragments stay glued on the film and not scattered throughout the room. This technology provides wide use of glass in residential conditions.

Despite the seeming fragility and airiness, the glazed entrance doors provide the necessary strength of construction. They also withstand high loads and do not deform with the course of time. Such products are not afraid of moisture and better withstand temperature changes.

Advantages of glazed entry doors

In addition to the above advantages, these products:

  • make the rooms lighter;
  • help to visually increase space;
  • give lightness and airiness to the interior;
  • add spiciness to ordinary models.

All these parameters make the glazed front doors a good choice for an apartment or a private house.