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Production Features

Front doors by Novo Porte pass through all stages of the production process, from steel processing, steel-work welding, painting, decorative panels production to assembly into an end product.


The new SteelTex technology used in the production of Entry Doors allows using door panels on the street (subject to the service instructions are ensured)

Special layer

Protects the panel from mechanical damage, temperature drop and UV exposure. The panel maintains its original appearance for the entire service life and doesn't damage with time.

Multicomponent layer

Acrylate adds strength and elasticity;
PVC provides protection from damage and moisture;
Fire retardants prevent combustion.

Two-component adhesive

Full crystallization of polyurethane adhesive occurs after 7 days, allowing the coating to form a single structure with MDF.

MDF panel

Special MDF panels are resistant to high loads, temperature changes and high humidity. The material has an increased density, which makes it possible to create detailed milling.

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Steel Doors
Custom Doors

Interior Doors

Interior Doors are the indispensable part of the room. The right interior door will harmoniously complement the layout of your home and add a refined touch.